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Source Data set: Hum_tox_figure (en)
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Short name Hum_tox_figure
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  • ILCD: Images
Source citation European Commission - Joint Research Centre - Institute for Environment and Sustainability: International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) Handbook - Recommendations based on existing environmental impact assessment models and factors for LCA. First edition October 2010. Luxembourg. Publications Office of the European Union; 2010.
Publication type Undefined
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  • 5664fa43-d34c-455c-b967-d3af77748acc.jpg
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Time stamp (last saved) 2010-09-29T09:29:08.164+02:00
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UUID 5664fa43-d34c-455c-b967-d3af77748acc
Data set version 03.00.000
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